Terms of service: Belmore Air will take all care possible during repair work but will not be held responsible for any damage to property or equipment that may occur in undertaking repair work if safe access is not provided (in accordance with applicable Local Government requirements and Australian Standards) or in the event of building structure or support failure. Belmore Air is not responsible for the supply of or any upgrading of supply to any appliance on the property (water, gas, electricity etc).


All work quoted that has a total dollar value over $1,000 will require a 25% deposit with the remainder due within seven days, or in the event of unquoted work on completion of work. Programmed maintenance client’s terms and conditions are as above unless otherwise documented within the contract.

All costs, including legal charges, associated with the collection of delinquent debts will be borne by the client.


Access Disclosure: Belmore Air will not knowingly commence any unsafe work or where electrical hazard, Asbestos or an oxygen depleted environment exists or where the risk of fall from heights is moderate or above. These must be disclosed when booking a service call or the service call fee will be charged for this visit and may also be charged for the next subsequent return to site with relevant safety equipment.


I ______________________ (Customer) confirm that I am aware of current labour charges (as outlined below) and agree to pay this account at completion of work or make agreed arrangements with Belmore Air to pay this account. We will accept Cheque (upon arrangement), Cash or Credit card (plus 3% surcharge). If payment is not received within 7 days Belmore Air may remove, or make unserviceable, equipment supplied or installed, until account is paid in full. Any appliances, goods or materials supplied remain the property of Belmore Air until full payment has been received. Charges are applicable after 45 days at 2.5% per month on the outstanding amount from date of completion of work.


All work will be subject to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002.


Where appropriate, it is lawful for Belmore Air, its employees, contractors or agents to enter into or upon the Customer’s premises at any reasonable time to disassemble, remove and remove any and all such appliances, goods or materials supplied or installed by Belmore Air if the Customer defaults in payment for a period greater than 90 days from



installation or supply. I understand that removal of appliance(s), goods or materials may result in some property damage.


Trading terms are subject to change without notice.